Service provided:

  • Undertake recovery principally by way of phone calls/e-mails/faxes/letters – whatever is deemed appropriate after the initial assessment and following instruction received from the Client.
  • We operate to the highest professional standards in our recovery work mindful that a Client sometimes wishes to maintain an ongoing working relationship with the Debtor.
  • We do not undertake personal visits to recover monies nor do we guarantee there will be a viable future relationship with the debtor.

  • Provide updates to the Client.
  • Issue if required, a formal notice on our headed paper addressed to the Client’s customer, making demand on behalf of the Client for payment which would be followed up by phone before handing back to the Client for Court action if appropriate.

  • Assuming no dispute, the recovery time is usually around 14 days but each case is viewed and dealt with as 'unique'.        
  • Fees billed to the Client would be payable within 7 days of the invoice date. Our invoice would be issued once the work has been undertaken and funds had been received by the Client and cleared.
  • Unlike other debt companies, we do not arrange for the monies to be paid to us, rather we rely upon the integrity of our Client to advise us when they have received payment from the debtor, at which point we submit our invoice to the Client for payment.